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Drive Time!

From Backseat to Driver's Seat!

Ladies!  At another crossroad and sick of feeling like someone else is always at the wheel? 

I am test-driving a new 1-on-1 program to spark confidence and move you from backseat to driver's seat in 30 days.

Taking control always begins at the same place and

I cannot wait to start the drive with you!

I think we've taken the road trip metaphor far enough! 

 Limited spots are $49 and the offer ends on March 31st.

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Write  & Shine!

2023 Schedule Coming Soon!

Coffee & Bedheads Welcome!


A morning journaling practice can bring clarity, energy, and a massive boost to your daily badassery! 

Not only will you be inspired and energized during and after the zoom, but you'll also learn a practice you implement during the week!


Grab your coffee and claim your spot! 


Sip &Tell

Where  your story is the main dish!

Bubbly, brunch nibbles,

and a few of our favorite things...all in one place. 

A fun, creative, journaling brunch that is reminiscent of elementary show and tell days!  

Bring a fun memory to share as we make new ones! 


Click for more info about upcoming

Sip & Tell dates or to find out how

YOU can host one for your circle of girls!

I simply cannot wait to sip with you!


Sip & Stay Retreats

October 5-8, 2023 - Details Soon!

Relax. Release. Restore.

Slip away for a weekend focused on you and...YOU.

3 days to connect with other fierce women,

eat, drink, and rest well, and share activities that

will leave us ready for

the next week, month, year.

Ready to regain control and confidently face your Next? 

And have a blast doing it?? Click for more info.

It's time...  

One on One Coaching 
Filling the Next

Moving into your Badass Next in 4 Steps


I grossly misjudged how empty everything would feel when my days were not filled with meeting the kid's needs and keeping them safe.

Then hitting mid-life brought the realization that somehow I had let the reflection in the mirror become a stranger.

My mom passed in 2011 and 4 years later, my house got deafeningly quiet with my daughter's graduation.  I was completely caught off guard by the lonely feeling of loss that quiet would bring. Even an all-consuming career was no match for the identity crash happening at home. 

I was lost, exhausted, and fed up with feeling alone and stuck.

Through the crazy journey through that lonely stagnant place, 4 habits became my saving grace. 


Now, I use those same habits to help women of any age who are ready to discover and fill their Next... and have a little fun while we are at it.


 We work together to help you unpack old baggage,

dig out the things that make you strong/useful/powerful,

and leave the rest behind. 

The best part?  You won't be going through it alone.

Let's unleash the badass in you together.

 It’s time.




Jonna Palmer

I was amazed as the words poured out on the page - even more amazed at how Beth facilitated the change this experience brought into my life. Sip & Tell is something I want to do again! 


Jennifer Davidson Moffitt

Beth is helping women heal themselves . . . creating a safe space where we can look at our demons and tell them to take a hike. 


Melissa Muhl

Today was not like therapy . . it was  a day of discovery . . .a spiritual reset. 

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