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Hey Y'all, I'm Beth...

One morning, I was in a fight with 2020, so I was goal setting for 2021.  Reflecting on how much had changed over the previous 8 years, I started 2 lists. On the left, a list of how I thought of myself after Mom died in 2011.  On the right, how I think, feel, and operate today.  When I paired the negative with their current corresponding positive, it was clear the majority of  my internal struggles are rooted in the belief that my choices and past experiences are not good enough, wrong, and/or proof that I am not enough.  


If I could visit that single, exhausted, self-sabotaging mother of 3, certain she is broken and destined for a life of perpetual consequence, I would tell her the following:

  • I see you for the badass you ARE right now... THIS SECOND.

  • You hereby have permission to trash perfection as the standard.

  • Give yourself space to express the beautifully vulnerable 'YOU' hidden just under the surface of who you think you should be.


  • Travel light, be playful, and be intentionally selfish.   

  • Deliberately find and choose joy... every day.

(To steal a line from Glennon Doyle, Untamed) As she paces the perimeter of her perceived captivity, I would convince that exhausted 2012 Beth that she is not only enough, or worthy, or capable... "She's a g--damn cheetah!" And she is free.


Considering I do not own a pimped out DeLorean or physics defying phone booth in order to go back in time, I decided to share my story here and help other fierce women re-claim their freedom along the way.


So... Cheers! And welcome to my kitchen and keyboard.

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