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Hey Y'all, I'm Beth...

One morning, I was in a fight with 2020, so I was goal-setting for 2021.  Throughout the day I found myself reflecting on how many of my internal struggles over the years have been rooted in the belief that my choices and past experiences were proof that I was not quite enough.  


I realized if I could visit that young, single, exhausted, self-sabotaging mother of 3, confident she is broken and destined for a life of perpetual consequence, I would tell her the following:

  • I see you for the badass you ARE right now... THIS SECOND.

  • I hereby grant you permission to trash perfection as the standard.

  • Give yourself space to express the incomparable 'YOU' hidden just under the surface of who you think you should be.


  • Travel light, be playful, and be intentionally selfish.   

  • Deliberately find and choose joy... every day

(To steal a metaphor from Glennon Doyle, Untamed) As she paces the perimeter of her perceived captivity, I would convince younger Beth that she is not only enough, or worthy, or capable... "She's a g--damn cheetah!" AND SHE IS FREE.


Considering I do not own a pimped-out DeLorean or physics-defying phone booth to travel back in time, I decided to share my story here and help other fierce women reclaim their badassness along the way.


So... Cheers! And welcome to my kitchen and keyboard.

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