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The Win.

I just could not let today pass without addressing an extremely serious, life/world/spirit changing matter. There was a shift in the universe last night that originated in Indianapolis and altered life as we have known it for 41 years. In a profound display of hard-core athleticism, teamwork, and just flat out "won't quit" the University of Georgia Bulldog Football team WON the College Football National Championship. The effects of this magnitude of positive energy permeating the atmosphere have yet to be fully determined. We may be experiencing them for YEARS to come... I know I will!

Last night as minute by PAINFUL minute ticked away at the play clock, I paced. And paced. And paced. Got comfortable on one couch only to move a few moments later to the other, only to find myself leaning against the counter or on the back of the living room chair. I have been a lifelong UGA fan and I was 10 years old the last time they took home the coveted Championship trophy. Alabama has broken my heart for years... specifically the last 3 encounters with UGA alumni player and BAMA's ex-Defensive Coordinator, Kirby Smart, at the helm as head coach of my beloved Dawgs. While I am thrilled Smart finally has a not only a BAMA win...but THE win under his belt, his story isn't the one that finally tipped me over the edge in to an ugly crying frenzy just before midnight last night.

Just the push I needed was seeing the emotional mess quarterback Stetson Bennett became as he watched the pick-6 that clenched the title. It is as if he let out a full season of holding his breath. His story is certainly one for the books. Walked on to UGA in 2017, left for a bit, came back as a 5th string QB in 2018 ( I honestly didn't know there were that many strings). Played some in 2019. Starting QB for part of 2020 then to back up QB early 2021. He found himself in the starting QB hot seat again not long after the first of the 2021 season. I know and love football, but am not one for remembering detailed stats or specifics about players. (Not since Kevin Butler at least.) But, this kid? No telling what his future will be in football and he certainly was not projected to have the kind of year he has had this season. Nevertheless, if anyone clawed their way through 2021 with a vengeance... it's Stetson Bennett IV. He simply would not quit fighting for this team...and the UGA football teams that have come decades before him.

I have been in a bit of a funk - Wait, who am I kidding? - a mind numbing, nearly unbearable funk that has lasted for weeks. It wasn't until I watched Bennett's face as teammate Ringo swooped in with a winning interception with just a 54 seconds left on the clock, did I find any true relief. Sounds ridiculous, I know. I am a 51 year old, mostly grown adult. But there was something in his face that I think represents every single one of us that has gotten a win or needs one during these last 2 years of chaos and change. I have felt the satisfaction of victory many times as I’ve navigated the world of Covid and the never ending survival pivots, but as I watched him absorb this legendary, never to be forgotten moment in life, I knew… this is the feeling of release I was searching for and have been working toward for weeks.

They say it's always darkest before the storm. The hardest part is right before you get there. Most people quit when the finish line is right around the corner, and so on. My super dark season the holidays brought with them this year and the digging for light I have been doing for weeks, broke wide open somewhere around 11:48 pm last night, watching a college football game all by my lonesome. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. It was magical. I will be flying high on this game for quite some time! At least until we have to defend the title next season. That the way it goes, there is always another game to be played. Both in football and in life.

However, my friends, that game is for another day. For now... We celebrate!


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