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The Gate.

I stare at the beauty of the blank page.

No limits, no boundaries, only wide open space

The bright white background, light blue defined lines

Inviting my soul to reveal the curtain behind.

No judgement, no care, no jury here

So why does my mind contain so much to fear?

Does it know of a future that I cannot see?

A future that does not recognize me?

My fingers are itching, soul trying to free

The indelible force I feel destined to be.

A story unfolding after decades in wait,

Is patiently waiting past the unlocked gate.

My unsteady hand stretches blind for the latch,

Gripping the metal and bending the hinge,

My eyes on the path just a few feet away

I feel a new breeze flow deep from within.

Closing my eyes, and bracing for fall

I step through the threshold into this new world

Armed with what was and fueled by the new

The Knowing reveals just what to do.


This blog is a personal collection of my thoughts, wins, losses, memories, and crossroad moments. Almost all of which were hashed out around my kitchen counter and in my journals. If any of it resonates with you and you are ready to free-up the hidden badass you ARE right now, I can help. It’s time… Click the link and Let’s chat.


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