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Square Egg Sandwiches

I am not going to waste your time with me droning on and on about how excited I was that this little egg hack actually worked. But... the level of joy putting this recipe together brought me really does make me wonder if I might need to take a look at my day-to-day priorities. This journey into my psyche will have to wait for another time.

While I was looking up who coined the phrase, "It's the little things..." I was stopped in my tracks by this one.

“Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.” ~ Liz Vassey

The rewards of this little hack are definitely inversely proportional. So, without further ado...


12 eggs, scrambled

1/ cup milk or half & half

1/2 tsp each:



Onion Powder

Dried Basil

1/4 stick of butter melted

1 1/2 pounds of ground sausage, pattied & pressed out to at least the size of the English muffin and pan-fried

12 slices of Colby Jack cheese

12 English Muffins

(This is what I used in this picture... but season to taste and pick your favorites!)


  • Whisk eggs, milk, and spices until well mixed, then slowly whisk in the melted butter

  • Pour egg mixture into a well-greased 13x9 pan (Don't forget to grease the sides!)

  • Bake at 325 for 15-18 minutes - just until the center is set so they are not overcooked when you reheat.

  • Let cool and cut into 12 squares.

  • When eggs and meat are fully cooled, assemble sandwiches and wrap in parchment paper.

  • Freeze until ready to eat! Will keep for several days in the fridge as well

To heat, either let them defrost and heat them in a 350-degree oven for 5-6 minutes or microwave for 30 seconds If still frozen microwave on defrost mode for 30 seconds and then on high for another 30.



Recycled Paper

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