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She's A Badass.

She stares at the stick screaming a pink plus. Trembling she tells him... tells her Mom. Terrified, she buys a new book hoping to figure out what to expect. She's a badass.

Heavily medicated, young and afraid she cries to go home. Please? We will try again tomorrow... but Baby B couldn't wait that long, she had to push on. She's a badass.

Twin beds in one room, a single bed in hers. Broken, defeated, lonely. She gets up alone and takes them to school. Turns toward her job instead of back to her bed. She's a badass.

Divorcee, second round. Her toddler girl, the knot in a cruel tug of war. Shame imprisons her nights and duty her days. Still, she loves, guides, and nurtures. She's a badass.

High school, latch key kids, working around the clock to fund their future, leaving too much to chance. She opens her mind. Listens in her exhaustion. Does her best. She's a badass.

Revolving door roommates, empty twin room, teenager bridging parental divide. Constantly asking forgiveness, piece by piece puts the baggage down. She's a badass.

The quiet empty bedrooms, long lonely evenings, a table set for one. Lost. No idea how she got here. Takes a deep breath, a trepid step. She's a badass.

She fights the lonely and befriends herself. Stretches, grows, forgives, sharpens, empowers herself with grace, surrounds herself with love. She’s finding herself. She's a badass.

The rooms are all full, for a moment the family is whole... she looks across the table at their futures so bold. Kind, generous, loving, all. She breathes it in deep. She's a badass.

(By the way... you. You are the badass.)


This blog is a personal collection of my thoughts, wins, losses, memories, and crossroad moments. Almost all of which were hashed out around my kitchen counter and in my journals. If any of it resonates with you and you are ready to free-up the hidden badass you ARE right now, I can help. It’s time… Click the link and Let’s chat.


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