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Summer Solstice 2024!

Summer Solstice is upon us! Today is the longest day of the year, specifically 14 hours and 18 minutes here in Charleston. I love love love these long days. They naturally bring with them a supercharged energy that differs from any other season. The sun creeping through the blinds early and staying out to play long after the 8-5, gives the illusion of having more time. And, quite frankly, the way my brain functions and absorbs the extra daylight... we do have more time!

It's a great opportunity to dive into a new transition or project. Set aside extra time to seek inspiration for your next endeavor. Spend more time doing creative activities. Get up a little earlier and eat a late dinner on the patio.

Whatever you do, take advantage of the extra hours of daylight and vitamin D to feed your soul and let your spirit fly.


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