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I know... no one wants to end the week on math. HOWEVER, I read this in the 5-Bullet Friday from Tim Ferris and had to stop and share. Just in case I am not the only one that needs to do some Subtraction this weekend!

"Subtracting reminds me that what I need to change

is something already here, not out there."*

~ Derek Sivers

It's from one of my new obsessions, his book, "Hell Yeah or No." I first heard the phrase, "If it's not a 'HELL, YEAH! It's a 'No." on The Gutsy Podcast with Laura Aura I have no idea if she was quoting this book or not, I wasn't listening that close until she said it!

It was my screen saver for almost 6 months of my life while I was desperately trying to weed out what was unnecessary in an extremely volitile time in my family. I wouldn't say it made saying "no" easier. I can say it made it incredibly clear WHEN to say it and with time, I learned (Continuing to learn!) to better pronounce that ridiculously complicated 2 letter word.

Whether its subtracting from stuff, calories, screen time, excessive yeses, the power a circumstance holds over us, time we spend with certain people, or even the time we spend alone. I feel certain that there are very few of us that don't have some area we need to take a little away from.

What is ONE thing you can subtract this weekend to give yourself more care, rest, peace of mind?

Me? At minimum, you can bet by Monday morning I am going to be less one cabinet full of crap in my kitchen and short one more rung in the "I can do it all if I just work a little harder" ladder.

We don't have to do it all.

***You do NOT have to do it all.***

Much love, my peeps. Take a little time celebrating how badass you are this weekend. Need a reminder? Just circle back to this:

You are a beautiful, whole, badass of a human... Right. F-ing. Now.


This blog is a personal collection of my thoughts, wins, losses, memories, and crossroad moments. Almost all of which were hashed out around my kitchen counter and in my journals. If any of it resonates with you and you are ready to free-up the hidden badass you ARE right now, I can help. It’s time… Click the link and Let’s chat.


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