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How We Got Here!

What is Counter Talks w/Beth?? I've been asked quite a bit recently, so here you go!

A quick "Previously on...''

2011: Unexpectedly lost my mom, the glue of our completely-clueless-without-her family.

2015: The last of  my 3 kids flew the nest.

2017: "Who the hell am I?"  helped me gain 40 pounds and enough Mom Guilt baggage to rival my 1990s shot glass collection.

2019: I bailed on a mountain trip with my tribe for a 3 day conference that led me to my guardian angel (aka Coach), Denise.

2020: I need not comment here, right?

Which brings us to 2022 Beth:  Single working mom, empty nester, preacher’s kid, queen of hot flashes, cook, reader, lover of office supplies, and now... Purveyor of Badassery and owner of Counter Talks w/Beth.  After  2 divorces, 3 kids, decades of working single parenthood, said kids flying the coop, and losing my mom, I am driven to make sure other women are not left feeling stagnant, powerless, or left behind during the crazy transitions life brings.  I provide safe spaces and 4 habits that allow them to move freely into their Next...and permission to eat, drink, and be badass throughout the journey! 

My love of journaling, cooking, and entertaining give my coaching, retreats, and events a unique, yummy twist.  Our time together always includes:

  • Fun, connection, food, validation, and friendships that extend beyond the growth. 

  • Healing becomes something that we are eager to face, albeit sometimes difficult. 

  • Societal or generational "rules" are deconstructed as we work out our own beliefs, values, and steps forward. 

  • Joy becomes something that is accessible to us at any time.

  • One by one, we leave the bullshit “shoulds", "should haves," and “could haves” behind.

Short version:  I want anyone that works with me to come to the realization that you are a fully whole, worthy, badass.  RIGHT NOW. And your Next is already in you. We just need to set her free.

Ladies!  If you are tired of figuring it all out on your own and ready to drop the ridiculous amount of baggage we carry.   Shoot me a message and let’s chat… It’s time.


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