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Happy Memorial Day!

I was reading thru a trip journal of mine from a sailboat delivery 11 years ago today, aboard a Cabo Rico 42. The trip was from St Thomas to Beaufort, North Carolina and, as with each of the deliveries I participated in, it was incredible, terrifying, comfort zone annihilating, and ultimately life changing. Thought I'd share a bit of the entry today:

"I finished 200 Pomegranets* this morning... Along with an apple, an orange, and a special K bar during my watch. The questions asked throughout this book are lingering as the day warms up. The ocean has calmed a bit after tirelessly bickering with Solas all night. I am lying on one side of the cockpit, Blaine on the other. It's his watch now, so the freighter dead ahead is his to monitor, leaving my dozing mind to wander through questions about who I am and in what area am I meant to be truly great. What would I be remembered for if I were to die today? Am I happy with the legacy I am currently on track to leave behind?"

(April 12, 2010 ~ S/V Solas)

Today as the words legacy and hero are on everyone's mind, I find myself asking those questions again...and thinking of those who have been heroes in my life. Specifically, I am remembering and missing my grandfathers very much. They both served in the armed forces, lived long and full lives, and left behind families raised to value the time we have been given.

My grandfathers could not have been more different, but they each had a strong hand in who I have become. My faith, independent spirit, the belief that I can take anything life throws my way. Truth be told, I may have also gotten a little bit of stubbornness, the occasional mean streak, and a smidge of redneck from them as well.

I loved them dearly, and while their lives were neither perfect or pain-free. They both loved me, their families, this country and, in the end, they both died loving their God. So, with misty eyes and a smile on my face, I'll be raising a glass with pride in loving, grateful memory of Morris Thomas and Richard Peterson.

Take a minute today to remember and be grateful for the heroes in your life that have passed on. Then maybe a few minutes longer to think on how their legacy is will be passed on to those in your life.

Once that's done... Go grill something and enjoy your day off!

*200 Pomegranets and an Audience of One by Shawn Wood (It is a MUST read!)


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