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Adult Less

The first few months of 2024 felt like being shot out of a cannon for many, myself included.

Dubbed the year of manifestation and growth—thanks to the Year of the Wood Dragon and the lucky number 8—we were promised expansion and prosperity. I began the year determined, organized, and with a firm no-procrastination policy. Yet, not far into the year, my energy fizzled, leaving me feeling lost and burdened.

As I shared my feelings with friends and colleagues, I discovered I wasn't alone in this experience. Frustrated, I turned to old journal entries and photographs, hoping to rekindle a bit of joy and gratitude to steer my mindset back on track. And it worked. I stumbled across an entry from this time last year.

"Sitting at the counter on a cushy bar stool at 10:08am, my second glass of champagne in hand, the rhythmic sound of the waves before me, and Deana Carter playing in the background. The house is quiet, the kitchen a beautiful mess. A testament to last night's laughter, silliness, and friendship that lasted into the wee hours. Late-night beach walks, kitchen table games, boardwalk strolls, silly jokes, a heartfelt 3am girlfriend cry, sandy floors, and tequila. This place, this body of water, these women - they remind me how to laugh with abandon, cry deeply, love fully, and genuinely be seen."

~Alligator Point, Sunday, 5/28/2023

Reading this entry, I was struck not by memories of lavish spending or fancy gifts, but by much simpler joys: back porch sitting, bonfires, Yahtzee, coloring books, homemade margaritas, football parties, midnight talks, beach days, and kitchen dance parties. These moments, seemingly small, never fail to bring a smile to my face. The trip down memory lane reminded me of this quote:

“The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression.”

~ Dr. Stuart Brown, Founder of the National Institute for Play

First, isn't it amazing that there is a National Institute for Play? And second, are you playing

enough? Not just during designated vacation times, but daily? Weekly? Monthly? This year has taught me how quickly we sideline playfulness in our quest for productivity and progress. However, the cost is often high, leading to isolation, depression, low energy, and a loss of direction.

So, in the spirit of summer, I propose a challenge: let's prioritize play! This doesn't mean traveling or spending more; it means simply adding "Play More" to your to-do list.

Dance with friends in your kitchen at the end of the night, revisit your favorite childhood games, find an arcade that serves good burgers instead of hitting a drive-through, crack dad jokes whenever possible, host a pajama party, get messy with finger paints, play yard games, wrestle in the pool, collect too many shells, belt out songs during car rides, play in the rain - the possibilities are endless.

This year, while marked by the promise of growth and expansion, has taught me a valuable lesson: productivity doesn't always lead to fulfillment, but playfulness can. Rediscover what makes you smile, laugh, and feel alive. Set reminders, make playful plans, and allow yourself

the freedom to enjoy the small moments. After all, when we give ourselves permission to play, we're not just brightening our days—we are nurturing our spirits and enhancing our resilience.

Set alarms on your phone, stick Post-Its everywhere, or pencil it into your calendar. My personal favorite? Using dry-erase markers to write playful reminders on mirrors. Whatever method you choose, the goal is to coax your inner child out to play as often as possible.

Because the truth is...

Doing a little less adulting just might make being an adult much more rewarding.


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