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Enlisting Badasses!

Single working mom, empty nester, preacher’s kid, queen of hot flashes, cook, reader, lover of office supplies, and now... Purveyor of Badassery and owner of Counter Talks w/Beth.  After  2 divorces, 3 kids, decades of working single parenthood, said kids flying the coop, and losing my mom, I am driven to make sure other women are not left feeling stagnant, powerless, or alone during the crazy transitions life brings. 


I provide safe spaces and 4 habits that empower you to stride confidently into your Next

...and permission to eat, drink, and be badass throughout the journey! 


Counter Talks
Community Events


In-Depth Development for Mind, Body & Soul




Ladies!  If you are tired of figuring it all out on your own and ready to drop the ridiculous amount of baggage we carry.   Shoot me a message for your free consult and let's chat.

Find a little inspiration, and stay in the know on new news with Top Shelf w/Beth!  A quick bi-weekly update on 3 things I am obsessing over!  Recipe, quote, song, book, podcast...etc! 

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