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The Brush.

(From 4/23/2022 Sip & Tell.)

I was 18 when I was first introduced to the Brush Strokes Ball Tip Rounder hair brush by Ramsi, my soon-to-be sister-in-law and the stylist that would take care of my hair for well over a decade. The brush was perfect. To this day I cannot blow my hair out properly without her. Mind you… it’s not the same brush. There have been many. Much like Noxzema is for my skin, I am unsure what will happen to my hair once they discontinue this brush! I fear I will miss more than just a styling tool when that day comes.

I was 17 when I met the twins father. 18 when I met his family, 19 when I became pregnant with Jamey and Justin, and 21 when I realized for the first time that my young marriage and idyllic little family was not going to make it past the boy’s 1st birthday. All the while… through every hair color, perm, and cut the late 90s had to offer… this brush had my back. From no bangs to perm to impulsive short cut and through multiple frostings. No style was left Brush Strokes free.

Then… I was 26 with pregnancy #2 just behind me, a gorgeous baby girl, and the impending doom of Divorce #2. Through severe depression, sadness, fear, and the darkest loneliness I have known. There she was, every morning (or at least every morning I chose to brush my hair), standing guard, waiting for me to turn to her for help.

Fast forward to 39, a nasty narcissist removal had left me single again, the twins (aka my lifeline) are graduating and leaving home, the real estate market hurls me into a bankruptcy shaped nosedive back to ramen noodles and pork and beans.

40. The first morning after my mom passed. Locked in the bathroom, seeking solace from the unwanted well-meaning guests filling the house. Blindly brushing through tears, trusting the familiar motion would render some sort of acceptable presence. I didn’t have any pants with me when I got to my dad’s, but by God, I had The Brush. (The pants are a story for another time. SMH)

Today, as I got ready for my first Sip & Tell of 2022, the launching event for a business I have poured my soul into the last 2 years, I picked up the 2.5-inch Brush Strokes Ball Tip Rounder … very likely the 20th or so that I have owned over the years… and smiled. I have very few people in my life who have witnessed this whole journey. I can count on one hand those who know the whole good, bad, and ugly truth about the last 32 years of my life. But this brush. She knows it all. Secret tears, raging anger, blissful happiness… all of it.

This morning… I am pretty sure if she could talk. She’d be pretty damn proud of how far we’ve come and eager to see what’s next. I know I am.


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